What to Expect

  • 1
  • 2
    The Basics of Social Media Marketing
    • What is Social Media Marketing and why learn it?
    • Social Media Glossary
    • Creating a Business Manager Account
    • Adding Users to Business Manager
    • Setup a Facebook Pixel for Tracking Facebook & Instagram Content
  • 3
    Social Media Strategies that Achieve Business Goals
    • How to Make A Winning Social Media Strategy
    • Winning Social Media Tactics
    • Content is Key
    • The Strategy Questions
    • Download Social Media Strategy Guide
    • Content Planning Guide
  • 4
    How to Create and Execute Facebook and Instagram Tactics
    • Create a Months Worth of Content in 1 Day!
    • Tailwind - Scheduling Posts for Instagram
    • Tailwind - Hashtag Hack
    • Facebook Posts - Create a Poll
    • Facebook Posts - Promotional Post
    • Canva Tutorial for Creating Beautiful Social Media Posts
    • Stencil For So Many Content Creation Options
  • 5
    How to create Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns
    • Ad Account Setup for Facebook & Instagram
    • Setup a Facebook Pixel for Tracking Facebook & Instagram Content
    • Ads Manager - Create a Facebook or Instagram Ad Campaign
    • Finding the Right Audience Using Audience Insights
    • Targeting the right Audience
    • Target Audience Overlap Tool
    • Full Ad Campaign Start to Finish
  • 6
    How to analyze Social Media and prove your worth to your clients!
    • Facebook & Instagram Ad Reporting
    • Iconosquare Reporting
    • KPIs to Track Based on Social Goals
    • Facebook Ad KPI Benchmarks by Industry
    • Reduce Ad Spend Checklist
  • 7
    • The Tools I Love
    • Sample Social Media Marketing Pricing
  • 8
    Please let The BSA know your thoughts!
    • Please share your feedback on the course

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